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Survey on Bill to Reinstate the Longform Census; Bill to create a Parliamentary Science Officer

MP. Kennedy Stewart (Science and Technology Critic, NDP) is putting forth a Bill for the creation of an independent Parliamentary Science Officer – please see his website for more information (http://kennedystewart.ndp.ca/science) and/or to sign his national petition.  MP Hsu (Science and Technology Critic, Liberals) is putting forth a Bill (C626) to reinstate the long-form Census – please see his website for more information (http://www.tedhsu.ca/C626/) and/or to write a letter of support endorsing the Bill.  With regards to this Bill, Mr. Hsu asked for our assistance in compiling information from the research community regarding the impacts of the discontinuation of the long-form census on one’s research and/or work.  To this end, we have created a brief survey specific to the discontinuation of the Census and other Statistics Canada surveys.  Please take a moment and complete the survey by mid-January so that we can pass this information on to Mr. Hsu when he takes Bill C626 to second reading in January.  Alternatively or in addition, please email me (lvottableeker@cpa.ca) or post something on your website, blog, and send me or Mr. Hsu the link.