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Consortium Welcomes Budget Recognition of Basic Research, Stresses that More Needs to be Done.

Released: March 4, 2010

OTTAWA— “With the inclusion of non-targeted funding for the granting councils, this budget recognizes in principle the value of basic research,” says Roland Andersson, Chair of the Canadian Consortium for Research (CCR).”The government is to be congratulated for listening to the research community on this point, even though the actual sums involved at best sustain existing programs.” The increase of million for the granting councils’ base budgets still leaves them millions of dollars behind where they need to be.

The Consortium is pleased that the government has provided additional funding for Genome Canada and notes the modest million increase for the Indirect Costs of Research Program. The CCR also recognizes the funding commitment to TRIUMF, Canada’s world-class subatomic research centre, but is concerned that the level of announced funding may compromise TRIUMF’s position as an international leader.

It is encouraging that these investments have been made in spite of the current economic difficulties Canada faces.

The CCR emphasizes that further increases in research funding are essential for Canada’s long-term prosperity. The Canadian Consortium for Research (CCR) was established in 1976. It consists of 18 organizations that represent researchers in all disciplines across Canada. While the majority of these researchers are based in universities, the constituent organizations have numerous members in government laboratories and in private sector research centres. With approximately 50,000 researchers and 500,000 students represented in these member groups, the CCR is the largest organization in Canada whose primary concerns are the funding of research in all sectors and support for post-secondary education.


Name: Roland Andersson, Acting Chair Phone Number: 613-232-6252